~ Is It A Dream? ~

He calls out her name in the darkness
She awakens and goes to him
Patiently he awaits for her arrival
She comes to him again and again.

He rubs the coldness from her skin
Runs his fingers through her hair
Looks deep inside her vacant eyes
And realizes no one is there.

He kisses her lips so tenderly
In hopes she will respond
But she gives nothing back to him
There's a nagging feeling, something is wrong.

And yet he knows he can't help himself
He has to have her on this night
For when the morning sun arises
She'll be gone with the first sign of light.

He pulls her close to his chest
And as he holds her near
And audible sigh escapes her lips
She trembles with some fear.

He whispers her name so softly
In hopes she will succumb
He's done this many times before
But where did this woman come from?

Nothing is making sense to him
No emotions can he feel
Could this be a dream he's having?
Everything is so surreal.

He feels compelled to pull her closer
And now he can feel her heartbeat
Suddenly he awakens from this dream
And yet he smells her perfume so sweet.

This dream he has over and over
When will it ever end
Not knowing what will happen next
Has put his mind in a spin.

Tomorrow night he'll have it again
And everything will be the same
He's never met this woman before
And yet he calls out her name.

Chee Chee Martin 2008
Whisperings Of The Mind And Soul
Whispered Words

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