~ Is Someone There? ~

Hello! I hear you speaking
But I cannot see your face
You talk to me so often
Yet I cannot see a trace

Is someone there, this morning,
Calling my name, out loud?
Can you see what I am doing,
In the midst of every crowd?

Do you hear me when I'm crying,
Do you see, when I am weak?
Have I disappointed you today,
With words that I may speak?

Have I hurt you, or upset you,
With bad things, I often say?
Or have I failed to acknowledge
Any sin I've done, today?

Is someone there? Oh, are you listening?
I'm praying with all my might
I have to know you hear me
And do better in your sight

Lord, I want to tell you
All these things I may have done
As I know you will forgive me
Because of your precious Son

I want to thank you for your patience
And, thank you for your light
But thank you most for giving me
The chance to make things right

Debbie Looney 2006

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