~ I Took Life For Granted ~

I once took life for granted
I was wild and so carefree
I did not care who I hurt
I only thought about me.

But then one day a gentle man
Came to me in a vivid dream
And now my soul has strengthened
And life is much more calm it seems.

He chose to let me live on
Although I should have died
He said He needed me to spread
His love, in the words I write.

He chose me to be a witness
In what his gentle love can do
He will be your Savior forever
If you really want Him to.

His love is unconditionally ours
He died for all of our evil and sin
If you'll open the door to your heart
And let Him come right on in.

Yes friend, I am here to witness
Of all the miracles He can do
He saved my soul from dying
And opened the door to life brand new.

Sandra Edwards

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