~ I Try ~

I know that I'm not perfect; sometimes full of misconceptions;
I'm wrong in many things and sometimes lose direction.
I do things at times I wish I hadn't done;
Lose battles with the devil I know I should have won!

I get my heart broken over things not meant to be,
Things that were never meant to hurt the heart of me!
I have had shattered dreams that I shouldn't dream at all!
And sometimes when I stumble....often times I fall!

But God knows the reason and He knows the why;
And God knows throughout it all....I TRY!
I try to do what's right; I try to do what's good!
I try with all within me to do everything I should!

I could never judge another without first judging me;
I could never be unforgiving, for in myself I see
My faults and imperfections; of those I have so many!
But who of those among us can say they don't have any?

I would never hurt another in malice or in greed;
I'd never overlook a fellow man or not pray for all his needs!
I'd never ask of others things myself I would not ask of;
I guess the only PERFECTION I can claim is the way I love!

The Love of God within me..unconditional and so true.
The Perfect Love of the Lord given to me and you!
For I love everyone, no matter who they may be;
A love that flows thru Jesus; a love given so free!

And though this love's so painful when it's not given back
It can't keep me from loving, the one thing I can't lack!
For thru His love I found the secret of hope and eternity!
How can I not love with the love that God has given me?

Lynn King February 8, 2007

And now these three things remain: faith, hope and love.
But the GREATEST of these is LOVE!

I am whom I am but for HIS AMAZING GRACE!  I am but His conduit!
To God I give ALL praise, honor and glory...FOREVER!
I Corinthians 13:13 (NIV)

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