~ It's Easter Time ~

Another Easter's round the bend.
What does it mean to you ~ my friend.
A time to be with those you love ~
Not thinking of our God above?

Easter hats and bunnies
Are in every store.
Look at all the candy
And, oh, there's even more!

So many cards profess to say
I wish you a blessed Easter Day.
Will we recall another time ~
When Easter does come to our mind.

When in a land so far away
Our Savior rose on Easter Day.
He died upon the cross, you see
And doing so He set us free!

Free to live and laugh and love
As He watches up above.
And as He's watching you and me ~
And knowing "freedom" isn't free.

Will God forgive us even now
Must wonder ~ but cannot see how.
It's time that we got on our knees
And send up prayers and ask for peace.

Repentance waits forevermore
You only must go through the door.
He's always there ~ He loves us so.
I ponder that ~ He had to go.

God's plan is not for us to know
But you'd best decide where you will go.
One day upon a cloud supreme
He'll come to earth ~ our awesome King.

Dear God, forgive us as we pray
Forgetting why there is this day.
Remind us Jesus paid the cost
And had He not ~ we'd all be lost.

Yes, Easter time is drawing nigh
Take time to talk to God on high.
Remember why there is this day
And thank our Lord in every way.

Best done by serving Him, you see,
He sees some worth in you and me.
If you just give your all and pray
You'll understand this "Easter Day".

God bless you and keep you in
His loving embrace ~

Mary Anne Ray 2006


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