~ It Just Another Day ~

Nothing inspires me anymore
I've shut out the world, I've closed the door
I don't think I can continue on
I listen to nothing but sad songs.

Days go by incredibly slow
There's no place I really want to go
The hours seem to drag on by
While all I do is sit and cry.

Each day is just like the other
Sometimes I wonder why I bother
You walked out the door and went away
To you it was just another day.

But to me, my life has stood still
My heart is empty, it needs to be filled
Is there anything that I can do?
To try and get over losing you?

Each day is dark and filled with despair
I'm wondering if, anyone cares
I want to be loved, oh so much
To once again feel a gentle touch.

To be held in arms, ever so tight
And to be told, everything is alright
I miss all this, I need to say
But to you it was just another day.

Chee Chee Martin © 2007
Whisperings Of The Mind And Soul

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