~ It's Me Again! ~

Dear Sweet God, yes, it's me again,
Thinking of all the love you send.
I look around, as far as I can see,
The beauty takes my breath from me.

I see your flowers, I watch them grow,
You planted them, with much love, I know.
I feel the raindrops in the air,
So many reminders that you are there.

I hear your birds singing melody,
Knowing they sing to you and me.
I feel your sunshine, shining bright,
I watch your stars twinkling at night.

Your rainbows color the sky when grey,
As the sunshine pushes the clouds away.
There's so much beauty here below,
All your seasons put on quite a show.

Lord, you have been so good to me,
And I'm as happy as one can be.
But when I get to feeling sad and blue,
That's when I turn, my thoughts to you.

I think of all these lovely things,
And all the happiness each one brings.
So much love you put forth here below,
In a world full of children you love so.

How can we not delight in your love,
You keep on giving from your throne above.
All the magic this beauty holds,
As in your arms, each one of us you enfold.

Thank You Lord, for loving me,
For seeing in me, what others might not see.
Thank You Lord for each new day,
And all the happiness you bring my way..

I Love You :-)
Brenda D King 2006

Give God all the praise, Lift His Holy Name above all others !!

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Midi Margi Harrell

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