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~ It's Not About You ~

So you thought you were
King of the Hill,
Queen of a kingdom,
Child of the Stars and
the world was all yours.

Listen, because it is not true.

Maybe all you have heard,
experienced in your short lifetime,
walked on the dark side,
walked on the up side,
created a mimic of values.

Listen, it is not true.

You belong to another,
One who is more powerful,
more far reaching, more loving,
One who plans your destiny.

Listen, because this is the truth.

You were created to be of worth,
to climb to new heights,
to be loving, kind, friendly,
to be a bearer of the Good News.

Listen, because this is the truth.

There is One who died for you,
who lived an extraordinary life,
who preached the Word of God,
who loved you unconditionally.

Listen, because this is the truth.

Praise be to our Father God above,
for His greatest gift was His Son,
who made us sinless through his death,
as we accept and honor Jesus Christ.

Yes, this is the Truth.

"I am come that they might have life,
and that they might have it more abundantly."
John 10:10

Written by Joan C. Nelson-Payne

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