~ It's Not Too Late ~

Who are you to say, I can't utter a prayer
Who are you to say, I don't care
Who are you to try and take my rights away
You'll answer for your acts on Judgment Day.

Why are you trying to erase God's name
Why are you looking at us, as if to blame
Why are you having difficulty believing in the Lord
His son died for you, his blood did pour.

Will you ever be able to see the light
Will you ever understand what is right
Will you continue down this darkened path
Inflicting your words of blasphemy and your wrath.

There's more of us Christians than you know
Our numbers are increasing, we continue to grow
The time of our Lord is drawing near
That's when your eyes, will be filled with fear.

For you have sided with the devil
And you will be taken to reside on his level
Us Christians will ascend to Heaven on high
But you my friend, will start to cry.

Will the Lord see the tears that you shed
You have to know what lies ahead
An eternity of damnation, you will find
Because to him, you turned a blind eye.

Listen to me and change your ways
Accept our Lord, kneel down and pray
You're His child, please have some faith
Believe in Him now, it's not too late.


Chee Chee Martin 2005


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