~ It's The Rosey Glasses ~

When we are wondering why
Each morning overflows with gratitude
For pretty things and dewdrops pure
And all's a lovely hue

Why flowers bloom upon the path
And the sky's a glorious view
Why leaves are so superbly made
And there's love between us two

Why butterflies flit to and fro
And babies are so cute
Why clouds unfold as castles
Just formed for me and you

Why lanes appear to walk together
With all our love to share....
Why, it's just the rose colored glasses
God has given us to wear.

Soft rosey whispers for you from
Derry's Heart Poems May 2010

Walking down life's road I've found many lovely things to see,
Simple, "gifts of God" that can't be bought by you or me.
The warmth you feel when someone smiles,
the brightness of the stars above.
And God's greatest gift of all -
His everlasting love!
Doris A. Orth

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