~ It's What We Share ~

As the day dawns and sunshine floods the sky
I set my computer on to run,
Ready for the day's adventures
and the best of friendly fun
I check out every email
all that you may have sent,
For I always love to hear
from my very dearest friend
Often there are wonders to view
or prayers needing to be said,
You might want, just to chat
'cause something's filling you with dread
Oh, what loveliness it is
every morning, God's blessings to share
All about our day, our thoughts,
each other's troubles gladly bear
Though apart, in spirit we are together
enjoying every everlasting grace,
We may have little that is tangible
but in heart, we have our own special place
This day, as every day I want to send
another Hello, Good Morning, dear one,
Have the loveliest of days
and thank you for your love

Softly Shared Whispers from
Derry's Heart Poems
2007 used with permission

Someday we will never have to say "goodbye"
That is so beautiful


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