~ It Was Jesus ~

With three old rusty nails
and two rough stripes of wood
They fashioned it into a cross
Planted on a hill
There on Calvary it stood

Waiting for a king
As innocent as a lamb
Wanting to see Him suffer
But 'twas not just man's plan

They scourged Him and mocked Him
Treated Him with shame
Nothing He was crucified for
Was ever His own blame

The men they cried in triumph
To see Him die at last
They thought that He was finished
But they beheld it all aghast

What a great injustice
They did not even care
But it was revealed at last
Just who was hanging there

Jesus was the one
Now they understood
They'd done Him, oh so wrong
Very few treat Him good

It's still a lot that way
As life seems to rush along
So many forget Him now
And live their life so wrong

But one day, before long
Judgment day will come
Their eyes will be wide open
They'll regret what they have done!


Betty Hill 2007

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