~ I Understand ~
Are there times you think you're all alone
Even though you're in a crowd
Do you think no on can hear you at all
Even though you cry out loud.
Does anyone ever pay attention
Does anyone look at your pleading eyes
Do they walk right along side of you
And never hear you sigh!
Do you share the same space with someone
Be it a lover or a mate
And they ignore your very existence
And your love, very quietly, turns into hate.
Do you feel there's no on who will understand
And your so-called friends can't comprehend
But I have been where you are now
I'm reaching out, take hold of my hand.
Tell me everything that has been bothering you
Tell me what is tearing you apart
Tell me what has happened to make you this way
Tell me who has broken your heart.
I want you to know you don't have to be lonely
I know what you're going through
No need to keep it all inside
Open up, I'm here for you!

Chee Chee Martin
2004 used with permission

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