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~ I Who Love You Most ~

Jesus heart was breaking
As he looked upon His earth,
He longed to save His people
The ones He'd given birth.

He could not turn His back
On this world so far away,
So He left His Father's side
The price of sin to pay

Then God turned His back on Jesus
Such a contrary thing,
How could He reject such perfection
This One chosen to be King.

He was the only righteous man
Full of perfect love,
He trusted His loving Father
Who sent Him from above.

Your God can't look upon Your state
My righteousness is pure,
You are filled with man's pride
This sin that You endure.

My God! Why do You turn away
I who love You most,
Why so far from helping Me
When of You I boast.

Your Father must reject You now
My penalty is cast,
You suffer in their place
For the law of life to last.

Now there is no judgment
For all who trust in Me,
The curse of death is broken
So the forgiven can be free.

No more will You walk alone
Nor those of Your delight,
Who turn away from darkness
And love eternal light.

Soft Whispers from
Derry's Heart Poems
2003 used with permission


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