~ I Wonder ~

I wonder why life continues on
In a world so full of strife
I wonder what the point is
The point of taking someone's life.

This world of ours is very old
You would've thought we'd learn by now
But history keeps on repeating itself
And we continue making mistakes somehow.

God has given us so many chances
But we continue on this downward path
No one seems to be paying attention
This lifetime could be our last.

His name is being removed from everything we know
To speak it might offend someone
The evildoers have plotted their course
Our destiny they've almost won.

I'm tired of people complaining about their rights
I also have rights you know
If you don't want to hear about God
There are other places you can go.

The end of time is drawing near
Our final war is that of Armageddon
It's not too late to change your ways
Can't you see that's where we're headed?

Shout His name to the heavens
Take back what you so willingly gave away
It's time for all of us to take a stand
Our Savior is with us always!!

Chee Chee Martin 10/24/04

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