I need my coffee every morning
It gives me my get up and go
Without it I seem to drag around
I don't have that special glow.

Yes, the smell of coffee brewing
Seems to heighten all my senses
It helps me to become relaxed
It rids me of all my tensions.

It is an addiction I will confess
I have several cups every morning
And if we happened to run out of coffee
My husband sends out this warning:

"Beware of the grouch that is living here
She'll bite your head off in an instant
Heed my warning and steer clear of her
You'd be wise to keep your distance."

Now listen here, I'm not really that bad
He's just an old "poop" through and through
I can go without my morning coffee
But hubby doesn't want me to! :-)

Chee Chee Martin 2010
2006 Whisperings Of The Mind And Soul
2007 Whispered Words

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