~ Jeannie's Circus Visit ~

The circus came to our town
And were the children excited
They set it all up at the fair grounds
The whole town was invited

I begged and begged, oh mommy, please
Take us to join all the fun
Let's get Daddy to go with us too
When I see the elephants, I won't run

I know sometimes I'm afraid
Of too many furry friends
But mommy, I know I'll enjoy everything
I'll sit right beside you 'til it ends

We watched the horses and their riders
Also the clowns and their cars
I loved the little dog's all dressed up
The popcorn and candy bars

Mommy, some friends of mine are up front
Please can I sit with them there
After a while she said yes
I hurried right down to their chair

Everything was going fine
Until I stood up to see real good
A big gorilla escaped his cage
Run right into the room and stood

Looking around to see everyone
He took off running in my direction
Making a run straight at me
I started for mommy's protection

My mom stood up when she saw me run
Worried that I might fall
But I was so frightened I don't recall
But mom said I trampled folks to the wall

I was so frightened I didn't care
Mommy reached and gave me a hug
Tho' she was embarrassed
She told me, to just look at that big lug

It's not a gorilla, just a man in a suit
That wanted to give a small scare
Not to cause what had happened
For I'd trampled almost everyone there

Now I am only five years old
And I don't really understand
The difference between a real gorilla
And just a scary dressed up man

I'm still 'fraid when I think about it
He had such big sharp teeth
What I thought about him
He was looking for someone to eat

Betty Hill 2004
poem inspired by
a true experience

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