~ Jesus, Send Me A Dove ~

Jesus, send me a dove
In my heart, give me The Holy Spirit, with love
To keep me in Your arms, day and night
So I can see heaven, then I'll be alright

Jesus, send me a dove
Flying from Your kingdom, above
To give me a blessing or two
And help me say 'Our Father" with You

Jesus, please send me a dove
So my soul can feel
The glory called "Love"
I am Your child, I have been my whole life
Let me feel your light, in the morning sun
So I, with You, will become as one

Jesus, send me a dove
Precious, Holy and pure
Let me be with You
As You are with me
May I kiss You anew
For letting this miracle be

Linda Ann Henry 2005
Do you remember me
The people's poet

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