~ Jesus Sent Me An Angel ~
Jesus sent me an angel
One who has real wings
My angel helped me with a crisis
Now I can hear her sing.
She is so very beautiful
With lovely golden hair
Jesus sent me an angel
I thank Jesus, He was there
I prayed for an angel
To help in my time of need
A loved one of mine almost went to Heaven
Jesus did not want it to be.
Yes, Jesus sent me an angel
Who helped make things alright
Jesus has never failed me
I am in His Sacred Heart tonight.
In the wings of an angel
He gave me what I need
My love for Him is forever
Thank you Jesus, for keeping close to me.
Do you remember me
The people's poet
Written for my friend Cindy
who saved my father's life
by making sure he stayed in the hospital.

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 Fairy Waltz
Copyright 2000
Geoff Anderson

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