Jesus Jewels ~

"Want to help me work"
I asked of a friend today
"Depends on what you're doing"
Were the words I heard her say

"I have a special job to do
One with great rewards
I'm gathering jewels for Jesus,"
"No" was her mumbled word

"I have too much I need to do
The time just won't allow
You go on by yourself
I haven't the time right now"

Sunday morning came
And all the Jewels were there
But she had taken the time
To come along and stare

There before her eyes
Was her little neighbor child
He walked with a limp
But he had the biggest smile

She gasped as she looked his way
A bit ashamed of him
But he was happy as could be
Glad to see her again

"I come to say thanks to Jesus
For being my best friend
I see you like Him too"
He said with a sweet little grin

"You're always in a hurry
When I try to speak to you
It's not that I don't care
You're just always out of view

I'm glad you're here today
So nice you are a Jewel of Jesus
'Cause I love you 'n' so does He
Right here with other Jewels
Is where you ought to be

Would you want to help me
Gather jewels for Him one day?"
"You know, I think I'd like to!"
Was what he heard her say!


Betty Hill

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