~ Is Jesus taking all the Children? ~

Is Jesus taking all the children?
Just to spare them hurt, and pain?
Look around you, everywhere
A Child is gone again

Abuse, Abductions, Illnesses
Have taken another child today
Where have they gone this blessed morn?
While loved ones bow their heads, and pray?

Is Jesus taking all the children?
To Heaven so they're safe, and free?
From all the evil in this world
Brought on by souls that cannot see

Babies leaving us without warning
Children with affliction, and disease
Another child's laughter silenced
Oh God, Help us, Help us please

Is Jesus taking all the children?
Protecting them from what is here?
Making sure they are not present
As the end times draw so near

We know these children are in Heaven
As their souls are pure as snow
It's as if they have been chosen
So to Jesusí arms they go

Is Jesus taking all the children?
Giving them rest from worldly hate?
He takes them for their happiness
And walks them through his peaceful gate

Do they see us from the heavens?
As we war on sacred ground?
Do they huddle with the Angels?
As bombs on Earth explode around?

Do the children while in Heaven
Feel proud when they look down?
Of our world's great accomplishments
Or do their tears fall to the ground?

This is something we should ponder on
When we go about our daily living
For our children see us from above
So all on Earth should be more giving

Jesus is taking all the children
As one by one they leave this place
When they enter through the gates of Heaven
They'll gaze upon His wondrous face

Debra Looney © 2004
My Dream World of Inspiration


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