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~ Jesus, The Birthday Gift ~

How do I celebrate the big day of my life,
eating and dancing with ne'er a strife.

Having my family and friends about,
hugging and kissing, noisy and loud.

Blowing the candles on the cake,
reacting with surprise, Grandma did bake.

Opening the gifts, oohh-ing and ahh-ing,
precious gifts, love like the lamb baa-ing.

My thoughts turn to another gift of love,
it came from the Father in heaven above.

His Son so pure who died on the cross,
for me, for you, His Father's loss,

Because of Jesus who loved me so,
my sins are forgiven, the seeds He sowed.

To me this gift from centuries past,
will keep on serving mankind till the last.

When we join the Father and the Son,
in that holy land, which our souls have won.

Yes, this is the best gift ever received,
for every day is special, do not be deceived.

We are His, forget not the death,
of Jesus, the gift, eternity in-stead.


Joan C. Nelson-Payne 11/18/08

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