~ Jewels Of Love ~

Cancer, such an awesome word
We all dread more than all
Shall we investigate it's presence
To ponder fear within our soul

Can cancer overtake our life
Or is God the one who holds
Our life within His hand
Rather than a mysterious unknown
Does He know exactly of our times
And keep the blueprint of the plan

Could He hold a lovely secret
To reveal His jewels of love
Preparing us for all in store above
Can we see the unfolding blossom
When such suffering comes our way
To tell us all He'd like to say

Are we given treasured gifts to ponder
On more of life's tomorrows
To depend on Him for every breath to keep
To find a peace within the sorrow

How much more a greater joy
To find, than all we've known before
A love beyond description
And trust more deep and sure

Friends who touch with sweetest kindness
In prayer and tenderness
Family that put aside life's other things
To desire the blessing of God's best

A miracle of inner grace
Descending in to break the fear
As each new day unfolds
A faith to cradle near

Tears may fall of memories
But are relished more than gold
As God draws us deeper to His heart
To put His comfort in our soul

Cancer never yet can conquer life
For life God yet will give
Love's beauty blooms within the cold
Eternal life our hope to keep
His heart compelled to make us whole

Soft Whispers dedicated to a dear friend from
Derry's Heart Poems 2006

And the time comes when remaining tight inside the bud
hurts more than the release of love to bloom.

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Cancer is so limited.
It cannot
Cripple love
Shatter hope
Corrode faith
Destroy peace
Kill friendship
Suppress memories
Silence courage
Invade the soul
Steal eternal life
It cannot
Conquer the Spirit.

Midi Copyright 2000 by Marjorie Harrell

Brought to you by www.spiritisup.com 2006