~ Join In the Fun ~

Oh look, the leaves are tumbling
Playing on the winds
Playing on the ground

What fun they are having
Let's all join in the fun
Rack'em up, jump on in

What a fun time of year
Hay rides, apple pies
Carving pumpkins

Fairs, carnivals , all those rides
Getting costumes for Halloween
Make up to cover your faces

Yards with spooky sights
All those sheets for ghosts
Spider webs, bats, even orange lights

Best of all is pilling those playful leaves
Placing them in orange and black bags
For Big pumpkins and Black cats

When all is over and all comes down
Next comes Thanksgiving
Keep those playful leaves around

Fix that table up just right
For dinner guests to marvel at
What a sight, leaves inside and out.

Now before the snow shows
Pile those leaves over your flower beds
To keep those beauties warm.

Oh, look the leaves are tumbling
Playing on the wind, on the ground
Now aren't you glad you joined in the fun!

Celeste Hillebrecht 2005

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