~ Journey Of Life ~

Life is but a journey
Death is but a path
Both must be traveled
As our years quickly pass.

During your life here
Try to do what is right
Live your life to its fullest
Always go towards the Light.

Listen to the music
Coming from your soul
Don't turn a deaf ear
As Jesus should be your goal.

Read the words written
The Bible holds the key
The map for living is there
Just read and you'll agree.

Your Journey of Life
May be filled with happiness and pain
But, find joy in all things
Even when it rains.

Death is a commonality
Each one of us will share
Something that is inevitable
Are you ready? Do you care?

When we face our Lord
We'll answer for our deeds
Realizing all we've done
Not obeying what was decreed.

Feeling lost and ashamed
For things we didn't do
Things we should've done
Are now cast before you.

So make this Journey of Life
Filled with kindness and with love
For Death is always with us
Until we meet God up above.

~ * ~

Chee Chee Martin 2010
2006 Whisperings Of The Mind And Soul
2007 Whispered Words

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midi..Main Theme From "Toufu Street"
Chen Li De Yue Guang By Mavis Hee
Arr & Trans by : Alvin Ho J.C.

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