~ If Judgment Day Came ~
by: O' Puppy

It matters not what age you may be
To live one more hour is no guarantee
What words would they use to honor your name
If your life should end and judgment day came

Would those that you loved remember that you
Were always the one to help them get through
A hand reaching out in times that were bad
To be the best friend that they ever had

An unselfish heart that gave it your best
While trusting in God to handle the rest
Putting yourself at the end of the list
Seeing that others in need weren't missed

Or were you content in turning your head
Thinking of nothing but yourself instead
Passing up chances to shine from within
Walking in darkness and drifting in sin

Only to end up in some resting place
Waiting in silence to stand face to face
Would you be worthy to whisper His name
Would He say welcome if judgment day came

Ronnie D. Shreve 2003
used with permission

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