~ Just A Dog ~

You might think that I have " just a dog",
But who loves me unconditionally every day?
Who is there when the tears of sadness fall down my cheeks,
Just a dog, is all you say.

Who always greets me at the door,
Who wags his tail when he sees me,
Who follows me wherever I go,
He's just a dog, people say, you see.

Who tries to communicate with you by actions,
By a bark to play with his tennis ball,
Who loves to walk with you by his side,
It's just your dog who has a soul.

A dog is a companion, God made them for us,
They are our true friends and love us so much,
They are more than " just a dog", you see,
They put their Love, Faith, Hope, in us and Trust.

So please don't say to me you see,
That my dog is "just a dog" at all,
He is my companion, my joy, my love, my buddy,
He is my friend, and he is forever in my heart and soul.

by Anne R.C. Neale 2010

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