There are times when you have to wonder,
Why certain people are drawn, like we,
To follow a different pathway,
That others might not see.

We may not even know ourselves,
What makes us go that way.
But, we know the path is certain,
Because it drew us there one day.

The journey may not take that long,
And may not have far to go,
But it is in the travel,
That we learn what we didnít know.

That in every pathway that we walk,
And every step we take.
There is a lesson to be learned,
As we walk through each gate.

So come, my friend, and take my hand,
And let us both attend,
To the lesson God is showing us,
Just around the bend.

To have you here beside me,
Is the greatest part of all,
Because it will be stored into my memory,
Forever to recall.

Written by Karen Bunker
© August 5, 2007


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