There isn't anything happening to celebrate
Your birthday's far away
And though you weren't voted in, in any way
I sure thought of you today

For, you I always celebrate
I vote you as number one
I count you among my dearest friends
Second yet, to none

There isn't anyone else
That I would rather sit here with today
You make me laugh and cry at once
In all you do and say

You splash my life with pretty color
And chase the greyest clouds away
So, before another day goes by
This, I'm wanting to convey

You are so very special
Just because, you're you
I need to send you lots of love
Please accept my heartfelt gratitude

Soft Whispers from
Derry's Heart Poems 2006

You are the sweetest angel friend to have
in my life today and always.

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midi..Heart And Soul 2000
Bill Basham: Piano


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