~ Just Followed My Heart ~

She has been there forever, or so it would seem
But, never her gentle touch, did I ever feel
Only hearing her voice, as if in the wind
As though it started back, before time could begin

In dreams I saw eyes, ever looking through me
Whispering, of how, things may some day be
Touching my soul, with soft magical touch
Like an angel in my dreams, I needed so much

Could knowing her here, in a world that's so cold
Become a true presence, before I turned old
Yet, was it pure dreams, I tried telling myself
For, never should I, have such loving wealth

But, lo and behold a strange call came one day
Asking me if I, would like to come out and play
I answered, hey, why not, I have nothing to lose
Somehow she knew, that I could not refuse

That day revealed, she'd been the one at my hand
Smoothing my brow when frustrations began
For things were uncovered, showed me 'twas so
She knew of my life, none else had been told

My heart then she took, though I knew not to fight
For at her presence, my soul took it's flight
Together we will see, what the ancient ways send
With my guide and my love, but even more, now my friend

Dreams that were once, fabric woven in time
Have come home to me, to show that they're mine
My being's full of love, that's been from the start
Flowing within worlds, only joy can impart

I followed my heart, did not care where the end
Always believing it would not break, only bend
It led me to the one, who had held to my heart
From the beginning to the end, we will never part

Gary Salter 2007

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