~ Just For You ~

Felt some pity inside, yet knew 'twas something more
Needed to listen to my heart, not just to empty words
You saw that I needed help, to open the last door
Forcing me to see the person, I am really worth.

To you I bared my soul, the good and all the bad
Which unlocked the doors, few ever see inside
How I have lived the happiness, as well as all the sad
You found the truth, I had worked so long to hide.

I felt you touch my spirit, gentle, ever soft
Just a question of truth, was all I ever asked
Never a reason for information, to give yourself for naught
For I will without a lie, tell you all my past.

You found something in me, to take the biggest chance
Down for the third time, garbage filled my brain
As you threw a rope to me, without a second glance
To help me crawl right back, on solid ground again.

This is for you, knowing all you are to me
A friend, a savior, not to let me drown
From your heart, you sensed what was to be
Enough love to give, and now my heart is found.

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Music: The Croppy Boy,
Traditional Irish Folktune
Sequenced by Barry Taylor


Brought to you by www.spiritisup.com 2006