Just You Christmas

Oh, the tinsel, music, sounds
The decorations, people, crowds
All make my heart go
Everywhere, with you, no matter
What I do, many miles away
Whatever day....Christmas comes
I'm only wanting you

Buy me golden rings, or roses
Bring me anything
To tell me of your heart
Just let me feel you near
I so want to hear
Your footstep on my path

Wrap me little mysteries
Let me find your gift
Something you would give
But, most of all my heart my love
I pray you never leave

The you I love
Your tender smile
Soft kisses for a longer while
Your eyes a twinkle through and through
This Christmas
Can only ever be my Christmas
if my dearest
there is

Soft Whispers from
Derry's Heart Poems 2006


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midi..Miss you most
Sequenced by HONEY
Copyright 1998 by Cintia Orlandi

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