~  The Queen Of The Kalahari  ~

A Tribute to Flower...of Meerkat Manor,
who died from the bite of a venomous snake
as she attempted to save her newborn babies.

The queen of the Kalahari
never wore a jeweled crown.
Her home was not a castle,
she lived beneath the ground.

She never signed an autograph,
never rode in a limousine,
but to all of those who loved her,
she truly was a queen.

Her kingdom wasnít massive
she really was so small,
yet it always seemed to me,
she stood up ten feet tall.

She lived and fought for life,
her ending proved her brave,
and although she was frightened,
she had babies to be saved.

The queen of the Kalahari
now walks on sacred ground,
Iím sure the angels blessed her
with heaven's golden crown.

© 2007 Forrest Phelps-Cook

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