~ Keep it Real ~

Keep it real, from that do not refrain
For a fictitious life, what will you gain?
You will hide in the lies you create til you see
That God, and His mercy, will set you free

Keep it real, don't rely on you, to make things right
For if you do this, you may just lose your sight
Our life in a nutshell, is not just what you see
It was meant to bring honor, To God, and in what you could be

Keep it real, don't let others lead you astray
Instead bring them to the Lord, souls are saved that way
Live with honor, and love many, wherever you go
Show them Jesus lives, well within your soul

He is our redeemer, our calm within the storm
He will hold us forever, until in His word, we've grown
Keep it real, sow seeds of eternity, in Heaven above
Leave your old life behind, grasp onto God's love

Debbie Looney May, 2007


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Written by Bill Gaither
Sequence by Larrie Dee

Image is from a tutorial at Dream Graphics


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