~ Help Me Keep The Faith ~

My heart just aches; feels so cold
it could just break chipping off hunks like ice.
If only I could feel the wonderful warmth
of God's loving hands I know He could melt
my hardening heart.

Sadness all around, tears so strong,
feels like all is so wrong; nothing's the same
as they fall to the ground.
If only I could feel God's loving warmth
I know He would wipe all the sadness
and tears away.

Each moment seems to be a test of faith
I know my God is near; I just wish I could feel
His loving warmth. I know You're here, my God by my side
I am on bended knees; I pray You hold me tight
Keep my faith in Your Light

I know I am not the best and perfect, I'm not,
but I do believe in You with all my heart
I know You're my Living God.
I am giving all I have to keep this heart of mine strong
in Your word and believe You will set all this wrong, right.

I need to keep myself on bended knees,
quiet my mind, heart and soul.
I must be still, listening for His voice.
Letting go I must; letting You and
leaving all in Your hands as You carry me
through this valley

Be with all who struggle;
walking through the darkened valleys
I know when we reach the mountain top
that You have helped to carry us to,
we shall feel The Wonderful Warmth of Your Loving Hands.

Thank You Sweet Jesus for loving a sinner as I
Thank You for interceding to the Father
Thank You Father for the Son
Praise God for all His Love
Amen and Amen


Celeste Hillebrecht 2006

For all who struggle from time to time
with sickness, faith, injustice and all we face.
Remember and keep in mind;
He may not like what we do,
But He will always Love us.

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