~ The Kiss ~

I remember the way you use to kiss me
You lovingly looked into my eyes
You would cup my face with your hands
It would make me shiver inside.

How gently and tenderly you'd kiss my lips
You'd take my breath away
You'd whisper "I Love You" in my ear
Nothing more you needed to say.


The gentle caresses you gave to me
Made my heart skip such a beat
My stomach would fill up with butterflies
I'm sure you could feel the heat.

The intensity of a loving caress
Seems to have been pushed to one side
Instead what we have is a peck on the cheek
Does that mean our love has died?


You have assured me that this is not so
You've tried to allay my fears
By saying "I Love You" everyday
But I'd rather have you near.

Actions speak louder than words
I know you've often heard that said
An embrace and a passionate kiss would suffice
And assure me our love is not dead.


Have we gotten to the point where this is a habit
No need to show how we feel
Just go through life assuming we know
And not make this a big deal.

I need to know we're not in a rut
Do you think we can resolve this?
Is there anyway we can recapture the desire
Through a loving and passionate kiss?


Chee Chee Martin 2005

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