~ The Kiss of Judas ~

When Jesus took the last supper all the disciples gathered round
As it grew late Jesus said to Judas "Do what you must do now"
Judas went to the Soldiers, to tell where Jesus could be caught
and asked for the thirty pieces of silver that he sought

Jesus went into the garden to pray
For all who were born and for those yet to be
He knew the only way we could see eternal life
Was if He died for the sin, of you and of me

Jesus loved all living things so much
He cried that we may go to heaven with Him to live-
Then Judas came into the garden
and kissed the Lord Jesus on each cheek

The Roman Soldiers took Jesus away,
Later that night, Peter, whom Jesus loved
Rejected Him three times before the rooster crowed
Peter cried bitter tears, when he realized what he'd done

Judas, [who all thought was a disciple and a friend]
Full of grief asked the Romans to take the money back again
But, it was too late and ever since, if someone is betrayed
"The kiss of Judas" is what the people say

Jesus went to the cross with much suffering and pain
At 3pm it grew as dark as night
There was lightning, wind and thundering rain
as Jesus bore God's awful wrath
The Romans and the people ran
As a soldier cried, "Truly this man was the Son of God".

Linda Ann Henry 2007
Do you remember me
The people's poet

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