I’ve always wished I had a thing
That could stop a cell phone’s call
Especially those with loud speakers
That can be heard by one and all.

Those people, inconsiderate
Who seem to want the world to know
All of their business, (like we cared)
No matter, wherever they go.

You’d think they were still kiddies
With two cans tied to a string
Who have to shout across the room
So we can all hear everything.

Now I find there is a "jammer"
That some say, "It’s against the law!"
But it might be worth it to shut up
Those calls that get stuck in my craw.

Some assault on their battery
And a blockage of reception
Might make them loudmouths realize
They’re the object of rejection.

To just knock the cell out of them
Every time they try to hit redial
Might be worth a little jail time
For some peace and quiet for awhile.

Del "Abe" Jones © 2005


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