~ Know Who To Thank ~

When life seems cold, and lonely
And our our dreams have simply sank
We pray, and somehow the answer is there
Do you know "Who" to thank?

When we suffer a spiritual setback
When we're down, and feel despair
Somehow things just turn around
Who to thank, should meet you there

If we were sick, and hungry,
What would our first reaction be?
Would we suffer in our affliction
Or pray to God endlessly?

Knowing who to thank is so important
When our lives are hanging by a thread
Keeping God within the context
Keeps our roads smoother up ahead

Who do we call on first,
When feeling burdened beyond belief?
Who to thank should take the frontline
It's then we feel so much relief

Calling God should never be kept in reserve
Only when we feel we can't go on
Our thankfulness should be there every second
Even when things are great, and going strong

When our lives are feeling burdened
And we feel nothing's going right
Remember who to thank that very moment
It's then God shows us His graceful light

Debbie Looney 2005


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