~ The Land Of Slumber ~

I close my eyes kiss day goodnight
troubles vacate, out of sight
o'er mountain tops or 'cross the sea
I dream sweet dreams and fantasy

There I dance in pastures green
pick some daisies, am carefree
atop the clouds so puffy white
like an eagle, wings take flight


Strolling 'long a sandy beach
waves of ocean lap my feet
water clear with whispered sigh
dolphins chirp their lullabyes

'Neath the moon on starry night
in lover's arms, clinging tight
softness felt in moistened kiss
words of romance, midnight bliss

Swinging from a Maple tree
spirit soars, is set free
butterflies flutter, in arms reach
pansies waltz in dresses, peach


Nature sounds, soft tapestries
birds of paradise, melodies
building castles in white sand
free to be, just who I am

Running through a corn field maze
inner child comes out to play
enchanted forest, shopping malls
harps and angels, waterfalls

Unicorns 'n carousels
awesome gardens, wishing wells
fireflies, tails aglow
twinkling lights, magic show


Apple blossoms fill the air
sultry breeze caresses hair
standing oaks, arms outstretched
infant child, 'gainst Mother's breast

Skipping through the land of oz
friends and family, brightest stars
magic carpets, ferris wheels
within the dream, all is real

Follow me to slumber land
behind my lids, where all is grand
meet the fairies, stay awhile
stardust sprinkled with a smile


Dreams can take us anywhere
come along, we'll venture there
while the mind is calm, carefree
tiptoe gently, follow me

When stars 'n moon light up the sky
wind whispers softly, 'close your eyes'
take deep breath, let worries go
embrace the dream, 'tis all your own


2007 Rose Marie Streeter

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