~ Language Barrier ~

You're in the land of opportunity
So much is offered to you
Freedom and a new way of life
There's just one thing you need to do.

You need to learn our language
So no barriers are in your way
How can you excel in this country
When we don't understand what you say.

It's not up to us to learn your language
English is what we speak here
You knew that from the beginning
So why do you rebel and sneer?

Your country has its culture
And the U.S. has its too
You want to be an American citizen
Then English you must learn to use.

Our country offers you many things
And expects little in return
But you come here and demand so much
Our language you need to learn!

Be proud to be an American citizen
You've adopted our country as your own
Speak our language and obey our laws
Defend her as you would your home.

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