Though wolf and his kind were here first
he must now hide, suffering hunger and thirst
To the wolf's heart now it all seems
Freedom was only in distant dreams...

All has become man's domain
where very few wolves remain
In Alaska the Toklet wolves found safety
At the Denali Park they could run free...

As most of you have read ...
the last alpha wolf is dead
A hunter out for the thrill
made his heartless kill...

The alpha male was looking for his mate
who by a trapper had met her untimely fate
As the alpha wolf lay dead in his tracks
... with him goes the world's last wolf pack

What was in this man's cold heart
when he called the wolf park
to return the dead wolf's collar radio
The destruction! Did he care or know?

Was his hunter's heart satisfied...?
Did his sinister actions fill him with pride?
A Toklet wolf that had walked among man
yet slaughtered on protected land...!

A friendly wolf that taught his children
to walk freely among men ...
Teaching them to be unafraid
yet with traps and bullets are they repaid ...

A Toklet wolf, human friendly and tame
yet a cruel heartless hunter took aim
As he looked down his gun site
with his cold steely eye
Did he hear the last alpha wolf's cry ...?

Barbara LaBarbera 2005
In rememberance of the Last Alpha Wolf
shot and killed on April 17, 2005

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"The John Dunbar Theme" from "Dances with Wolves"
composed by John Barry Sequenced
by Peter Modin