~ The Last Tango ~

Come dance with me my lady love
Let's cast our shadows on the floor
Listen to each other's heart beat
These feelings we can't ignore.

Let me take you by the hand
Cheek to cheek we'll dance real slow
We'll glide across the floor as one
We'll dance to the The Last Tango.

Step into my open arms
Let me whisper in your ear
I'll tell you words of undying love
I'll embrace you and hold you near.

I want to feel your body move
Beneath your silky dress
My arms will be around your waist
Your lips I will caress.

Our bodies will move with the beat
Come to me and close your eyes
Together as one we will begin
It's you I want to mesmerize.

Come dance with me my lady love
Don't be afraid and don't be shy
Just let me hold and embrace you
Don't ask the question why.

Just listen and sway to the music
Feel my body next to you
Move with me across the floor
We'll cast one shadow, not two.


 Chee Chee Martin 2005


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Midi "El Tango Del Amor" is used with permission
copyright 2002
Geoff Anderson

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