You will notice that your
birthday card is a regular one,
because I am embarrassed,
distressed and overwhelmed with guilt.

How could I forget the lovely young person
who means so much to me,
to wish a Happy Birthday
and maybe even send a quilt.

My memory sometimes fails me
as I and Grandpa grow older,
but to miss my special Grandchild's birthday
is not normal I can see.

So please forgive and forget
these grandparents of yours,
who love you so much and missed
greeting you with glee.

This poem is a small token
of our special love for you,
please accept it with our best wishes
for a future bright with hope.

Now I will finish so I can mail
this poem and card for you,
just know you are always loved,
now let me get an enve-lope!

Joan C. Nelson-Payne 7/20/07

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