Lean On Me

Your woes are so many
as you contemplate the ways,
that living each day brings
discord and conflict for some of your days.

So haven't you learned child
that you are not alone,
there is One who waits
for a sign, so don't moan and groan.

Life has all ups and downs
from valleys to mountain top,
something to be learned for your good
your earthly life is only a short-stop.

My son, Jesus Christ, died for you
on the cross so you could be free,
of sin and malicious ways
that curb the spiritual life of thee.

Look upon thy God who is ever near
longing for your cry so He can begin,
fulfilling your life and easing the bumps
letting Him lead and guide You with a step-in.

Never underestimate my presence and power
as thee battles the demons that come in the night,
call quickly for Me as I listen and help
for thy prayers are heard as evil I smite.


Joan C. Nelson-Payne 7/17/07


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