Artwork by John O'Brien

 ~ Let Them Know ~

When I was just a child
At Momma's knee I'd stand
Hear her talk of Jesus
Of a golden promised land

She told me many times
That I must follow God
Live my life for Him
As I walked this earthly sod

She said He paid a price
That no one else could do
For He gave His Life, child
Shed His blood for you

She said there'll come a day
He'll look at what you've done
See if you have honored Him
Are you worthy to be a son?

One who Jesus would bid
To come and rest with Him
Because I had been faithful
I'd followed after Him

So Momma's let them know
While they are very young
Jesus loves them all
They belong now, to God's Son

If Momma had never told me
While standing at her knee
I might have missed it all
And this great Jesus never see

So Momma's tell your wee ones
How Jesus loves them so
That He gave His life for them
Be sure you let them know!

Betty Hill 2005

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