~ Let Me Tell You 'Bout Jesus ~
In my meditation time
As my mind remembers things
About the miracles of God
And the happiness they bring
I think of when He walked on earth
Loving every one
Healing sickness and disease
For those who dared to come
He is a gracious Savior
Never turned any one in need away
He even honored Peter's wish
To walk with Him on the water one day
He blessed all who came to Him
As a gentle shepherd, He was known
Because He called us Sheep
And He cared deeply for His own
He blessed the little children
Bid them come unto Him there
As He sat and talked with them
Spreading kindness everywhere
Then there came a time
That He must die upon the cross
For man had sinned so much
He knew that they'd be lost
Unless He paid the debt
By giving all He had
So willingly He gave His life
On a cross, His blood was shed
That cross was cruel and ugly
But the beauty of our Lord
Shown through, to all the world
He gave His all, no complaint was heard



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