~ Let's Go To The Tea Room ~

Down on the corner
On that quiet little street
They've opened a new tea room
How about we meet

We'll choose the sunny nook
Quite near the French doors
Just sit, enjoy the atmosphere
Then we'll make our call

Tea service please
One pot, sugar, milk and cream
An apple turnover
And chocolate éclair we can share

You'll lick the cream off your piece
While carefully you cut
Little smiles will appear as we play
With the teaspoons in our cups

It might be fun watching all the cars
Driving crazy down the street
And the sun playing on the lace
In our special little place

We'll end up not talking very much
For some moments like this
Are just too sacred for words
Too blessed with pure bliss

Then when shadows begin to fall
We'll look at each other and softly sigh
Whispers catching in our throat
And tears spilling from our eyes

And as we rise to go
We'll know that we will never part
Though we might separate at the door
We'll stay together in our heart


Soft Tearoom Whispers from
Derry's Heart Poems © 2006

God knows when to send an angel and just who
to send one to. He has blessed me ~ He has blessed us.
From the bottom of my heart ~ thank you
May the Lord bless and keep you always.
Forever love,
Mama ~MaryAnne ^j^



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