~ Let's Go Out To The Ballgame ~

Hey Dad, let's go to the ballgame
Your team is playing today
It just so happens I have some tickets
And today is Father's Day.

I remember when you used to take me
When I was little and played pee-wee ball
Our seats would be so high in the stands
That all the players looked so small.

But you always said we might get lucky
A player could hit a ball up here
All we would have to do is catch it
And we'd go home with a souvenir.

You'd always get me some hot dogs and peanuts
Mom would get so mad at you
I'd wind up getting sick to my stomach
And my face would literally turn blue!

Remembering all these wonderful times
Always puts a grin on my face
I would never trade them for anything
These memories I so embrace.

Well, today happens to be your day, Pops
And this time I'm treating you
It's my way of saying "Thanks"
For the memories I never outgrew!

You are simply the best Dad in the world
And I just wanted to say
How much I really do love you
And wish you a very Happy Father's Day!


Chee Chee Martin 2006
Whisperings Of The Mind And Soul

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