~ Let's.... ~

Let's just don our pretty hats
Right now, and go out for a run,
Out the gate, down the path
All gladsome and full of fun.

Let's drop all we are doing
Right now, not even fetch our shoes,
For we won't need them on the beach
Wading in the waves that woo.

Let's pause a second to collect
Right now, a crunchy apple to take,
As we race each other, calling to
The birds in our merriment, haste.

Let's forget to leave a note for
Right now, it is obvious where we are,
The gate swung wide, our footprints
Scuffling up the sandy path.

Let's not tie our hair, but let it fly
Right now, in the wind and warm sunshine,
As we collect shells, share delightedly
In the pretties that we find.

Oh, let's leave it all behind, whatever
Right now, and with God, just you and me,
We'll walk and walk and talk and talk
Along the ocean shore,
forever more...into eternity.....

Soft whispers from
Derry's Heart Poems May 2009

As your faith is strengthened
you will find that things will flow as they
will, and that you will flow with
them, to your great
delight and benefit.

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